In rappresentanza della Emporio Danza, a Praga al “Prague Open Dance Festival” è stato invitato in qualità di giudice internazionale il nostro Tecnico e Maestro, Gabusi Davide. È sempre di grande prestigio avere nella propria società sportiva dilettantistica i migliori e più quotati Tecnici Internazionali.



Prague Open Dance Festival (PODF) is the biggest international dance competition in the Czech Republic. It takes place between September 15 and September 16 in the beautiful space of the Forum Karlín venue. On the occasion of the 15th anniversary, we have prepared a very special opening night show, NINE, that will take place on September 14.

The name NINE has come as a combination of 9 modern muses of art. The pinnacle of the evening will be shows of 9 World and European champions in standard and latin dances. The program will be enriched with a fashion show – Alter Ego – from acclaimed designer Natali Ruden and famous slovak singer Emma Drobná. The whole evening will be performed by Dana Morávková and Roman Vojtek. A show with so many quality star couples is unparalleled in Europe.

There is almost no need to introduce the PODF dance competition anymore. Every year, almost 1000 couples travel to the heart of Europe, Prague, to partake in this remarkable event. You can come see who will stand on the winner’s podium, as well as be swept by the dance performances of some of the world’s best couples.